Space Pirate: A History of Musical Oppression
#1. Ascap

Ascap isn't where music begins. It's where money conotrols creative freedom. In reality, I just want ASCAP to see that what I'm doing is good for music. It helps people want to re-listen to the music that once was.

Space Pirate is just a DJ. And he wants to help you. Let's try to reform the industry so that it's safe to be a Space Pirate. I don't like living in the shadows, but on account of my ways, I'm forced to stay hidden, when all I want really is to teach kids how to make music of their own.

Music is now at the forefront of a political battle. It's an astro-naval battle, and Space Pirate is Captain of the Ship. That's just the Way The Story Goes.

#2. Aristotle

Aristotle is the reason I'm stuck listening to all your Earth Music. We need to stop him, because Aristotle invades your minds with music before he invades your planet. Because his music is so good, I can't expect you to keep your promise if I ask you not to listen to it.

Therefore it must be shut down at the source. He looks all nice and happy, because he is, and I can't blame the poor fool, he's clueless. What's really in store for the world? Wait til you see when the madness takes over!

Aristotle wants to take away your intelligence and make you all animals again. He wants you to forget about space exploration because he's afraid of what Earth Civilization would do to the universe if it got too powerful. Due to this uncertainty, he lures you in with distractions of mindless entertainment in order to subdue your desire to technologically evolve and expore space, mostly because he's afraid of you. Don't listen to him.

#3. This Guy

Let's just say that I had this room-mate in college and his name was Dan. He smelled and he didn't keep his side of the room clean. Luckily he was never there.

At the end of the school year, I went back to my room and the door was open. All of my stuff was gone, including old keyboards that I learned how to play on.

You can come to your own conclusions about this, if you must. I personally think he took a couple keyboards and left the door open, inviting anyone else to continue the pillage.

You can steal as much music as you want. But you can't steal a keyboard from Space Pirate or you will walk the plank. WRESTLE ME!

#4. Things Like These

One of something that looks like this thing exists in StereoLand. It's constant trouble because even though SpacePirate cannot be digested by it, the animal still engages me in combat, and has a noticeable size advantage.

As a consequence, I dislike things like these. Also their hair gets into the ship controls, and that acellerates equipment failure.

This type of creature cannot necessarily be trusted. They also have no ambition. Being cute or just looking cute is not an ambition.









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Digital Soliloquy (Space Remix)
Analog Man (Aristotle feat Aphex Twin)

DNA Galaga (Space Pirate)

Hi Fly Deft Defying (Feat Way Back machine)
Hi Fly Deft Defying (Feat Way Back machine)


Space Pirate
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