Get creative with new songs.

Anything You Want
Dut De Duh Da
Human Stuff
Mouse In Space (remix of Modest Mouse: Dramamine)
Wrapped Around Your Eximer (remix of Police "Wrapped Around Your Finger")












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what is this page(?)

This is a database of sound files for people who make music.
Many of these sounds can be found in Stereophoniqkhz songs.

You are encouraged to use these files to build your own awesome music.

Most Stereophoniqkhz songs are
contained in RNS format.

These files open in a screen like the one
you see on the left.

You are able to mute, adjust, and change all elements of the song. It becomes completely
accessible to modify in any way you want.

RX2 files are samples from external music.
Often these are parts of other peoples' songs.
These can only be opened in REASON.
You need these files to create songs in the genre of "mashup" music. These files are created in a separate program called Recycle.


RFL files are packaged kits of sound, built specifically to open in Reason.

These can be made with the Refill Packager.
Some contain patch kits, and other types of sound programming files that are hard to master.



Reason isn't the only software that exists in the world.
It just happens that it's the only one that I highly recommend!

You're encouraged to make music, too. If you've ever enjoyed computer games such as "SIMCITY" or "CIVILIZATION," and have played these types of games with any success, you will surely be able to produce your own instrumental songs. Building a song on REASON is very similar to building a metropolis on SIM CITY.

Ableton - about $300 - mac and PC - demo
Logic Pro - $500 - mac only - demo
FL Studio - $100 - PC only - demo

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