Put your address on the list to demonstrate that your community demands Gigabit Internet access speeds 100 times faster than basic broadband speeds, allowing instant access to everything on the Internet instantaneously, at affordable prices.

The CTFiber Project needs the addresses of Connecticut residents, businesses, government and community anchor institutions to demonstrate demand in developing, upgrading, and expanding broadband infrastructure to create gigabit speed Internet access to all Connecticut citizens and businesses. If demand for fiber networks is demonstrated to our private partners, Connecticut municipalities will be able to form a statewide public-private partnership with private investment/development partners to privately finance and construct fiber networks in residential and commercial areas.

By creating collaborative efforts among multiple governmental organizations with private finance and construction companies, each Connecticut community will have access to enhanced broadband services to foster innovation, drive job creation, and stimulate economic growth. We need your help by adding your address to those of your neighbors to the list of residents, businesses, government and community anchor institutions that demand the development of a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure that supports economic development and other public purposes at affordable prices.

Act now to create a future-proof fiber network in your community for all your neighbors, businesses, and community anchor institutions that will provide gigabit speed access to the Internet for decades to come at reasonable prices.