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Hover over the arrows on the pages below to skip around.
See how the formula relates in different portions.

Examining it this way made me wonder, should shade be a part of the "#f" calculation?
I mean, how's that going to affect the system's ability to perform at maximum, at a full-sun moment
calculated by formula "#i" within the variable "#f"?

One of the greatest tasks of the 21st century might be re-translating all of math so it works in javascript.
That's a dutiful task, but there'd better be a really great coffeeshop nearby (when they're hiring).

When that job happens, I won't need to apply (because it was my idea). Not the first time it has ever
been done, and certainly not the last. But it needs to be explained a better way, and here's my idea,
applied to the land of Solar Electricity!


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