Add your events to a Public Calendar system

Thanks For Requesting Access To the NHV.Org Calendar System

How to Get Started

Before you can post events

First email from a Google-based Email account with the subject "Calendars" and include who you are (*your actual name), along with some information about the kinds of events that you would like to post (categories include nature/health, outdoor activities, music, art and film, public events, educational, and so forth).

You will receive a personalized response:


Confirmed Access Granted*
Once your access is confirmed with a response email:

Log Into Your Gmail.

Find "Calendar."



On your Calendar list, there will be something new added to
"My Calendars"


Next, click the arrow near your new calendar button.
On that menu, you will find "Create event on this calendar"


Add info about the Event.

Now it appears on Public Calendars! nice werk.

you can even adjust or modify your events via mobile.


Special Consideration for Late Night Events:

if you list the event past 12am, it appears as 2 events, so it's more organized to only list your event as running until 12am, even if it's probably going to last longer than that.

So, please only list your late night events as ending at 12am, and I'm sure people won't leave when the clock strikes midnight! (see also: Sharine Permissionsg)