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Articles 2005-2006

Town Of New Haven Dot Org started in April of 2005. It began as a way for me to transfer my camcorder material onto the web, and i was coming across alot of interesting material in everyday life. So I transfered the images from my camcorder into stillframes, writing articles about the various subject matters that I came across. The articles are simplistic and I don't proofread any of it, mostly due to time restraints. Since the beginning, this site has been a monthly periodical, with different songs, videos, articles, and images every month. It's more like an online magazine about local culture. Browse through the previous articles or use the nifty drop-down menu boxes above to go to previous months.

May 2007 [news]

the woodchuck...
(mailtruck and the wardrobe)
backwards for blocks (one ups a wheeliee).
zinnteresting (three bucks!)
spring fling (T.I.!)

Apr 2007 [news]

abandoned factories
(graffiti art galleries)
kid koala (plays at BAR).
spring is official (critical mass!)

Feb 2007 [news]

emcee battle
(a cafe nine inexclusive)
coliseum goes boom (reports from the ground).
new starbucks (fourbucks!)

Jan 2007 [news]

buildings (its a neverending process)
are you in the mafia? (one man dares to ask)
new iPhone (expected to be HUGE!)
kitty scratch (king tubby gets busy on vinyl)
it's warm! (but it's january...)

Dec 2006 [news]

actoring (movie filming on the green)
hi crew graffiti (water st. update).
backyard halfpipe (westville!)
reel to reel (article written by cat).
frenchie passes on (a memoriam).
remember when? (horse in front of rudy's).

Nov 2006 [news]

2004 (flashback season)
accident (judge not)
chuck (klosterman)
lou (cox)
summer (almost gone)


Oct 2006 [news]

apples (pickin')
art (lunchbox show at channel one)
cutlers (record cover remix installment 3)
durham (fair).
rick (flyers, shaki)
silas (sculptures for open studios)
statue (e.rock on green)

Sept 2006 [news]


wec? statistics about this site. new haven mag farmers market graffiti menace schoolers skatey lesson toads maccu pichu exhibit rad cool dude skater what's it about? buildings! fire trucks! new skate park in new haven.

Aug 2006 [news]

bio (people you may or may not know)
construction (fixin stuff with big machines)
heat (temperatures)
meters (now accept cards)
expedition (danny B takes you to beacon falls)

July 2006 [news]

channel 1 (spontaneous conversations abound)
electric bus (electric bus is running on electricity)
fired up (all fired up about labor contracts)
graff (graffiti new)
gripes (problems yall)
streetart (street art prevails@)_)
pluid (misspelling at the record store)
veganphotos (photoshop cafe opens)
yeller (loudmouth)

Jun 2006 [news]

festival of arts and ideas (photos by soren)
tree monster (conceptual visualization)
public works (and sometimes doesn't)
fire hydrants (sometimes work, too)
matt moves on (two matts, different moves)
win vitkovsky (writes stuff).

May 2006 [news]

dungeon man
method man
record cover remixing 2
critical mass
daffodil fest

sf is for the birds
steep hills
golden gate
muir woods

Apr 2006 [news]

krs one
york square
giant bulldog
google tweak
bike season
abp guitar man
free movies

Mar 2006 [news]

to the bridge
wheat grass
multiple accidents
hillhouse over-reaction
st. patricks day
wu tang live
gross anti abortion dude
street art prevails
record cover remixing 1
inverted aerials

Feb 2006 [news]

air guitar
bus stops
city busses

Jan 2006 [news]

light posts
big guy passed out
graff community in disarray
urban outfitters versus shoplifters
sleeping at coffeeshops
local high school teacher disgruntled

Dec 2005 [news]

Fun facts about the military
Computer networking and skateboarding
Yale bowL after the game
skateboarding and art
snowball fight
midnight bake sale
ice considered new obstacle
patsy obrien: independently wealthy
prescription glasses
Legend of liz

Nov 2005 [news]

reggae concert protest!
colliseum demolished
peanut butter sandwiches
who is this guy? (roll deep)

Oct 2005 [news]

flower lady: marketing genius
dangerous guy walks around
haloween plans abound
lelsie runs for mayor
rally and lobby
torrential thunderstorm

Sept 2005 [news]

graffiti initiatives realized
peta versus naacp
edgewood wildlife
structural change
album cover remixing
kids on bikes

Aug 2005 [news]

fire hydrants provide releif
labyrinth books: if ever
massive dirt project
free yellow bikes
sneaker removal program
q bridge mystery explained
east coast surfing


July 2005 [news]

York Square says sayonara
labyrinth books almost complete
dog wears goggles
stupid freakin madness (harry potter goes on sale at yale bookstore)
elm street's missing lane
street poet on a role
hasidic reggae superstar rocks toads

Jun 2005 [news]

graff jam in bridgeport at theme city
kid makes beat at koffeeshop
guy downtown wants something
free records at cutlers
reo versus kid analog
band bloarzyed

May 2005 [news]

water street is rediculous
cellphones: when will it end?
danny b characterization slightly accurate
little kid attempts to grab the mic at mayday
air bass guitar demonstrated

Apr 2005 [news]

bookstore full of false walls
local kid sees bird get hit by car
danny b makes profound statement
doa not real government agency
new technology at the coffeeshop
urbn: homegirl spend mad hours on ladder
gastro: gastroman buys quad
yale: students finishing senior essays
stamps: wave of the future
weird tower
treefort still there
trophy to local titanium man